Rob's Bio

Rob Davidson (me) started woodworking very early on, in an old Clydesdale barn helping (getting in the way of) my Dad build grandfather clocks. By age 15 I had built my own shop wing in the old barn and was happily engrossed in various antique repair projects for local collectors and a few new projects of my own. I am very fortunate to have been born into a family of craftsmen, to this day my most prized and oft used set of tools is my grandfather's Swedish chisel set. Since then I have received inspiration and instruction from many in the generations that preceded me, from my own family circle to better known names including James Krenov, Hans Wegner, and George Nakashima.

Since then I've managed to earn a graduate degree in entomology, worked for a fortune 500 company, and helped start a two man materials research firm. Eventually I got burnt out working as a contract materials researcher for NASA and DARPA and in 2000 decided it was time to do something of lasting significance. This was the formal beginning of Davidson Woodworks. Since that day I have been commissioned for over 65 custom furniture pieces residing in homes, offices, and corporate boardrooms across North American and Europe.