The Client Experience

People are understandably cautious when hiring someone to make a valuable art piece for them, especially when it's a custom piece and they can't see it before committing. Understanding the process and the steps therein can make things easier for both you and me. To this end I'll try and describe a typical custom furniture client experience.

Although not necessary, most customers come to me with a definite idea in mind... We want a cherry dining set that will seat 8 with a buffet that will fit a platter so big... Or, we want a custom wood wine rack for our cellar... Or, we stayed at a guest house in Thailand that had a bed set that we both really liked, here are some photos of it... From this point we start rough drawing out designs, typically a point of maximum designer / client interaction. All the main issues are worked out including wood type, appearance, size, number of parts... then a materials list, a rough schedule, and cost estimate are developed. If my clients are satisfied with the plan for the project, a deposit to cover materials is made, and the final detailed construction designing proceeds. Construction may take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months depending on the project and my current work load. Clients will be regularly kept abreast of progress with photos and e-mails. As the project is completed I will arrange shipping and package the pieces. Final payment is due prior to shipment.

For those needing a bit of reassurance, several of my previous clients have agreed to serve as testimonial agents. If you're almost there but are unsure of dealing with an unknown internet entity then hopefully they can be of assistance to both of us.


Signature Pieces

All of my pieces of custom furniture bear my hand carved signature somewhere on the body. This is done both so that you the consumer know that it is an authentic handmade piece and also so that future generations will be able to discover and fully appreciate the significance of the work that they have come upon (HA!). I full well intend my furniture to outlast both the craftsman that made it and the collector that safeguards it.


Furniture Longevity

I fully expect that all of my pieces, given a bit of love and luck to avoid disaster, will last for hundreds of years. I take no shortcuts that could potentially affect the stability and longevity of my product. It is a matter of pride for me that things are done correctly and to the best of my ability every time, no exceptions. To me, to do otherwise would moot the whole point of making the piece in the first place.


Distressed Furniture

I have never appreciated distressed furniture. The act of producing a finely crafted piece and then intentionally damaging it for the sake of making it look old has never sat well with me. From my perspective this process is typically done on low to medium grade factory furniture in order to make it into something interesting to look at. If a piece is made with integrity and creativity then it should be inherently beautiful and not need or tolerate such abusive marking. If you want a darkly stained pine coffee table with nail punch holes and golf cleat marks in it then I am probably not the right person to make it for you.



Simply put, I guarantee that my furniture will stand the test of time. If anything ever goes wrong with any piece of my furniture due to faulty materials, design, or assembly I will repair or replace it at no cost to my clients, period.

I use the highest quality materials available and put substantial thought and experience into each and every design. This produces a beautiful and very durable product; however, if disaster does strikes and some accident damages a piece I will work to return it to its original splendor on an hourly basis and as soon as scheduling permits.